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Jaanika Rannula
Leadership, executive & team coach
supervisor and trainer

I support you in achieving your goals if you are:

A PROFESSIONAL who wants to raise awareness of their own abilities and desires
A LEADER who wants to make changes inside and around themselves
A TEAM Member who creates common values ​​and goals
AN ORGANIZATION, which sets goals for the future

As a COACH I am a co-traveler in every client’s development journey:

  • I value every client; I am supportive and empathic
  • I am solution-oriented and focused on the future
  • I use a variety of methods and exercises to help to understand and increase the client’s awareness
  • I lead and give meaning to processes in and around people, teams, and organizations

As a COACH, the best result is an inspired, conscious, bright-eyed and goal oriented client.

Jaanika Rannula
  • I am open, positive, empathic, great communicator and optimistic visionary
  • I value honesty and justice highly in courageous, entrepreneurial and future-oriented people
  • I like to perform and be an example
  • I am a strong leader, but at the same time a good team player
  • I am inspired by exciting ideas, interesting discussions, and debates
  • I need self-improvement and new experiences like air
  • I am emotional, but at the same time analyzing and calculating
  • Things do not always have to have a big price tag; the emotional value is more important

As a trainer and a coach

– I have conducted  300 classroom and almost 100 online trainings for 3000 participants
650 hours of coaching sessions for sales managers and their teams

25 years of work experience in various fields:

  • 4 years as a trainer and leader of Baltic training in the world’s leading cosmetics direct marketing company.
  • 6 years as leader and manager in the cosmetics world, hotel industry, as well as managing director of the guild of craftsmen.
  • 7 years, as a private entrepreneur, I went through a ride on both an economic peak and the burning down through difficulties during the economic crisis
  • 10 years of being a makeup artist as a hobby and craft

13 years of being the mother for my two lovely daughters and 17 years the partner for my supporting husband

University of Tartu- Strategical Management MBA, 2021
International Supervision and Coaching Institute-
 program for coaches & supervisors- 2020
At the Pärnu College of the University of Tartu, I acquired a bachelor’s degree in economics (2008)
I studied law at the University of Tartu Law School
I graduated from the first Estonian First Private Cosmetic School as a cosmetologist


2021 Quality level 6 or supervisors from ESCÜ (Estonian Supervision and Coaching Association)
2020 International Supervision and Coaching Institute – coach & supervision sertificate (Supervision program in compliance with ANSE standards)
2019 ERICKSON International- Certificate of Completion High Performance Team Coaching (CCE- Continue Coach Education- International Coach Federation accrediation) Solution-Focused Coach Training program

I have undergone various sales, self-development, entrepreneurship, management and coaching trainings in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the United Kingdom.

2020- 2 days- Nick Kitchen (London) “Somatic Cognitive Coaching and Power of Bodywork in Executive Coaching”
2019- 5 days- ANSE (Assosiation of National Organisation for Supervision in Europe) Summer University “Bridging”- Bolzano, Italy
2018- 2 days- Mirjam Ullrich (Saksamaa) “Making Difference Matter. Diversity Management”
2019- 1 day- Kati Orav- “Graphic Facilitation”
2018- 3 days- Susanne Ehmer (Germany), Organizational Consultant, Coach, Certified Supervisor ÖVS “Enjoy Organization: organizational supervision and social systems in the organization”
2018- 1 day- Achim Fritzsche (Germany), Supervisor, DGSv.- “Story telling”– ESCÜ spring seminar
2018- 1 day- Ave Peetri, MBA, CPCC, PCC- Executive Coach (Oman) “Emotional resilience and link to success, Collabrative leadership”
2018- 2 päeva- Mirjam Ullrich (Germany) “Making Difference Matter. Diversity Management”
2018- 1 day- Signe Ventsel, Brandmoon OÜ, “Networking and personal branding”
2018- 1 day- Aira Tammemäe “Valuable sales”
2018- 160 hours- University of Tartu – Fundamental pedagogy courses (level 7)
2018- 9 days- Creative OÜ- “Internet marketing and WordPress homepage development training”
2017- 1 day- Marko Karu, Marketingi Institute- “Creating the brand”
2015-2016 Amber Training International (Latvia)- 120hours of personal leadership development and supervision sessions with supervisor  Natalija Dievina
2015- 6 days Amber Training International (Latvia), “Train the trainer”-coaching training for inner sales trainers
2010 Vain & Partnerid: “Leading the winning team” and “Learning how to succeed”

I am full member of ESCÜ- Estonian Supervision and Coaching Association.  

Also I am member of the International Coaching Federation and ICF Estonia.

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