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Jaanika Rannula
Leadership, executive & team coach
supervisor and trainer

I support you in achieving your goals if you are:

A PROFESSIONAL who wants to raise awareness of their own abilities and desires
A LEADER who wants to make changes inside and around themselves
A TEAM Member who creates common values ​​and goals
AN ORGANIZATION, which sets goals for the future

As a COACH I am a co-traveler in every client’s development journey:

  • I value every client; I am supportive and empathic
  • I am solution-oriented and focused on the future
  • I use a variety of methods and exercises to help to understand and increase the client’s awareness
  • I lead and give meaning to processes in and around people, teams, and organizations

As a COACH, the best result is an inspired, conscious, bright-eyed and goal oriented client.

  • I am open, positive, empathic, great communicator and optimistic visionary
  • I value honesty and justice highly in courageous, entrepreneurial and future-oriented people
  • I like to perform and be an example
  • I am a strong leader, but at the same time a good team player
  • I am inspired by exciting ideas, interesting discussions, and debates
  • I need self-improvement and new experiences like air
  • I am emotional, but at the same time analyzing and calculating
  • Things do not always have to have a big price tag; the emotional value is more important

As a trainer and a coach

– I have conducted  225 classroom and 70 online trainings for 1600 participants
650 hours of coaching sessions for sales managers and their teams

25 years of work experience in various fields:

  • 4 years as a trainer and leader of Baltic training in the world’s leading cosmetics direct marketing company.
  • 6 years as leader and manager in the cosmetics world, hotel industry, as well as managing director of the guild of craftsmen.
  • 7 years, as a private entrepreneur, I went through a ride on both an economic peak and the burning down through difficulties during the economic crisis
  • 10 years of being a makeup artist as a hobby and craft

13 years of being the mother for my two lovely daughters and 17 years the partner for my supporting husband

Since autumn 2018 I am a student in Tartu University (Strategical Management MBA)

At the Pärnu College of the University of Tartu, I acquired a bachelor’s degree in economics
I studied law at the University of Tartu Law School
I graduated from the first Estonian First Private Cosmetic School as a cosmetologist


2020 International Supervision and Coaching Institute – coach & supervision sertificate (Supervision program in compliance with ANSE standards)
2019 ERICKSON International- Certificate of Completion High Performance Team Coaching (CCE- Continue Coach Education- International Coach Federation accrediation) Solution-Focused Coach Training program

I have undergone various sales, self-development, entrepreneurship, management and coaching trainings in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the United Kingdom.

2020- 2 days- Nick Kitchen (London) “Somatic Cognitive Coaching and Power of Bodywork in Executive Coaching”
2019- 5 days- ANSE (Assosiation of National Organisation for Supervision in Europe) Summer University “Bridging”- Bolzano, Italy
2018- 2 days- Mirjam Ullrich (Saksamaa) “Making Difference Matter. Diversity Management”
2019- 1 day- Kati Orav- “Graphic Facilitation”
2018- 3 days- Susanne Ehmer (Germany), Organizational Consultant, Coach, Certified Supervisor ÖVS “Enjoy Organization: organizational supervision and social systems in the organization”
2018- 1 day- Achim Fritzsche (Germany), Supervisor, DGSv.- “Story telling”– ESCÜ spring seminar
2018- 1 day- Ave Peetri, MBA, CPCC, PCC- Executive Coach (Oman) “Emotional resilience and link to success, Collabrative leadership”
2018- 2 päeva- Mirjam Ullrich (Germany) “Making Difference Matter. Diversity Management”
2018- 1 day- Signe Ventsel, Brandmoon OÜ, “Networking and personal branding”
2018- 1 day- Aira Tammemäe “Valuable sales”
2018- 160 hours- University of Tartu – Fundamental pedagogy courses (level 7)
2018- 9 days- Creative OÜ- “Internet marketing and WordPress homepage development training”
2017- 1 day- Marko Karu, Marketingi Institute- “Creating the brand”
2015-2016 Amber Training International (Latvia)- 120hours of personal leadership development and supervision sessions with supervisor  Natalija Dievina
2015- 6 days Amber Training International (Latvia), “Train the trainer”-coaching training for inner sales trainers
2010 Vain & Partnerid: “Leading the winning team” and “Learning how to succeed”

I am full member of ESCÜ- Estonian Supervision and Coaching Association.  

Also I am member of the International Coaching Federation and ICF Estonia.

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