Who am I

Curiosity broadens the world

I am curious, primarily interested in life itself and everything it offers us. From childhood, thanks to my mother, I loved to explore all kinds of encyclopedias, and I thoroughly read “The Godfather,” “The Three Musketeers,” “Jane Eyre,” works by Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, and Harry Potter. I was inspired and dreamed of writing a book myself one day, and soon, my first manual was about to be published!

The joy of achievement leads forward!

Initiative and the desire to achieve, or to “get things done,” have led me to act in various fields. I have worked as a sales manager, product manager, and training manager for four countries in an international company. As an entrepreneur, I have ridden waves of success, experienced deep troughs, and risen from the ashes like a phoenix to start from scratch and build something that makes my eyes sparkle and my soul sing today.

Self-development and belief in human capabilities!

I believe in value-based and people-centered management and that a coaching style is the cornerstone of future leadership because nothing replaces humanity, empathy, emotional intelligence, or creativity inherent to human nature. Systems, strategies, and processes must exist so that people can deliver results!

The need for self-development has led me to study at five universities and further education. I have attended dozens of courses because continuous self-improvement is like air.

Creativity helps create new value!

Creativity is something that always wants to emerge from within me. The desire to create, design, and achieve is an innate part of me. The result is the inspiring development and coaching cards I’ve made with my photo collection.

I study human behavior and its impact, background systems, patterns, and cause-and-effect relationships, and based on these, I continuously model new and exciting tools for leaders and teams for daily work.

My family is my treasure!

The most important roles in my life are being a mother and a good wife. For me, family and family well-being are the most important things in the world. As an entrepreneur, I may be a lone wolf, but as a mother, I’m more of a worrier, constantly struggling to be a benevolent guide than an over-worrying control freak for my two daughters. I’ve tried to be a role model for my children, and the values have fallen into place.

I am an essential tool in my work!

To be the best partner for my clients, one must take time for oneself to continuously work on oneself because I am the most critical tool. I have a personal supervisor, regularly attend group supervision, and am an active member of the ICF and ESCÜ, as being part of the community keeps me up to date with developments and requirements in the field.

Therefore, I am my guinea pig, and from various tests, I have discovered that:

    • According to the DISC personality test, I am a pure I, a people person.
    • The Human Design found a Generator in me, who can continuously produce new ideas,
    • Lencioni’s Working Genius discovered Tenacity and Invention in me, the ability to persevere and invent.
  • Clifton’s Strengths Finder identified my TOP 5 strengths: Strategic, Positivity, Input, Achiever, and Communication.

Thanks to these analyses, I have been able to work so much on my behavior and patterns and enhance my work.

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