University of Tartu – Strategical Management MBA, 2021, master thesis of longitude reach topic “Team coaching role in change management processes”


International Supervision and Coaching Institute – program for coaches & supervisors


At the Pärnu College of the University of Tartu, I acquired a bachelor’s degree in economics


I graduated from the first Estonian First Private Cosmetic School as a cosmetologist


I studied law at the University of Tartu Law School

Most important courses and trainings

  • June 3 days Pr. Peter Hawkins & Dr Catherine Carr Systemic Team Coaching Superivison Certificate Training
  • January 2 days John Whittington, PCC (London), Systemic coaching & Constellation, Fundamentals Part III: The Language of the Field”
  • July- 2 days – John Whittington, PCC (London), Systemic coaching & Constellation, Fundamentals II “The Intelligent of the Field”
  • May- 1 day – Alain Cardon, MCC (France), “Authentic Coach Mindset”
  • November- 2 days – ohn Whittington, PCC (London), Systemic Coaching & Constellation, Fundamentals I “Mapping the field”
  • February- 2 days- Nick Kitchen (London) “Somatic Cognitive Coaching and Power of Bodywork in Executive Coaching”
  • August- 5 days- ANSE (Assosiation of National Organisation for Supervision in Europe) Summer University “Bridging”- Bolzano, Italy
  • 1 day- Kati Orav- “Graphic Facilitation”
  • 3 days- Susanne Ehmer (Germany), Organizational Consultant, Coach, Certified Supervisor ÖVS “Enjoy Organization: organizational supervision and social systems in the organization”
  • 1 day- Achim Fritzsche (Germany), Supervisor, DGSv.- “Story telling”– ESCÜ spring seminar
  • 1 day- Ave Peetri, MBA, CPCC, PCC- Executive Coach (Oman) “Emotional resilience and link to success, Collabrative leadership”
  • 2 days- Mirjam Ullrich (Saksamaa) “Making Difference Matter. Diversity Management”
  • 1 day- Signe Ventsel, Brandmoon OÜ, “Networking and personal branding”
  • 1 day- Aira Tammemäe “Valuable sales”
  • 160 hours- University of Tartu – Fundamental pedagogy courses (level 7)
  • 9 days- Creative OÜ- “Internet marketing and WordPress homepage development training”
  • 1 day- Marko Karu, Marketingi Institute- “Creating the brand”
  • Amber Training International (Latvia)- 120hours of personal leadership development and supervision sessions with supervisor Natalija Dievina
  • 6 days Amber Training International (Latvia), “Train the trainer”-coaching training for inner sales trainers
  • Vain & Partnerid: “Leading the winning team” and “Learning how to succeed”

I have undergone various sales, self-development, entrepreneurship, management and coaching trainings in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the United Kingdom.

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