By constantly doing the same things, the result will not change!

Every person harbors an inexhaustible resource, but often, due to a fast pace of work, daily routine activities, and clinging to habits, these resources do not get unleashed.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have!
O. Wilde
Creativity and the ability to create can be developed!

Inspirational development and coaching cards are good tools for

HR teams
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Using the cards it is possible to:
create new ideas and find new solutions
increase motivation
finding inspiration
implement changes
overcome obstacles
discover new resources and opportunities
increase self-awareness
achieve the goals

Inspirational picture cards (65)

65 original photos (author- Jaanika Rannula)
65 inspirational quotes
Secret QR code that directs to a page with 15 different exercises in Estonian and English.
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Inspirational picture cards (60)

60 photos (original photos- author Jaanika Rannula)
4 exercises in Estonian, Russian, English, and German.
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Unique photos

Plenty of exercises to use the cards individually, in groups and in teams

The cards are made of „plastic“ material and can be attached to the board with “gum” if necessary

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Clients feedback

Eidi Aidla, Experience consultant:

I use cards in my consulting sessions pretty often. In most cases, they help to build a first relationship of trust if the customer is very native and does not feel safe when making the first contact. The results are particularly good among younger people. For older customers, the cards work when a relationship of trust has already been established and at some point, they "run out". I use cards in very different ways. Through them, people can express their feelings, recognize them and notice them better. The pictures are eloquent and at the same time each person has their own story, i.e. they are neutral enough. I have recommended them to colleagues and the maps have found a place in my toolbox.

Katrin, life coach:

Development cards are a good source of inspiration in a variety of situations, whether it’s looking for new resources, creating an action plan, setting goals or discovering obstacles. Photos are also a good trigger for discovering the inner world of customers, mapping their needs and values. I like the durability of the cards and the material – in teamwork it is good to attach them to the board “chewing” sometimes to make them a bigger visual picture.

Evelin Org and Olesja Saue, entrepreneurs and consultants, Brand named Sina authors and trainers,

We have been using development cards with photos in our trainings and workshops for almost a year now. They have been a valuable tool for us in both group and team work and have brought not only practicality but also a lot of inspiration and good emotions to the training days.

Merle, Team lead in IT company:

I use the cards with my team to do “brainstorming”. Cards help us to get in the “mood” and give pleasant energy, while developing new thoughts and ideas. Sometimes we put together a puzzle, another time we build a journey of action to the results. I also use cards during development interviews when a team member is stuck and need some “push”. In any case, it is an inspiring change in everyday work.

Liina, Supervisor:

I carry a lot of different cards in my toolbox. However, these development cards are especially good when you need to get new ideas, thoughts or to find solutions to challenges that seem so difficult. Asking the customer, “What else?” When handing over the cards without receiving an answer, there is always a good thought, idea and “AHHAA” moment, where the customer’s awareness grows and it is great to hear that “I didn’t thought about it”.