The power of growth lies within your willingness to step out of your comfort zone!

My trainings are always designed based on the needs of the group, team, or participants, drawing from the specifics, expectations, and challenges of their everyday work.

The training can occur as 1-2 day sessions or more extended development training and cycles (for example, 2-4 one-day training over 2-4 months, where new skills are developed and consolidated in between).

As a trainer, I offer you:

  • Plenty of inspiration and the joy of discovery
  • Positive energy and enjoyable humor
  • New knowledge by linking scientific and evidence-based theory with real-life examples
  • Generously sharing a variety of tips and tools


Methodologies Used in Trainings
Theory 30%: experiential learning and practice 70%
Individual and group exercises
Discussions and debates
Learning from experience stories and case studies
Coaching methods
The values and agreements of my training space
Confidentiality - All personal information discussed in the classroom remains in this room unless the team decides otherwise on specific topics.
Presence and Engagement- Participants have the willingness and desire to contribute and participate. They value each other's time by being present in their minds and actively engaging with the topics set.
Appreciative View and Nonjudgment- Every thought counts. We maintain a space where everyone can participate, speak up, and feel safe and valued.
Solution-focus and Future Orientation- "Today is what it is" - what do we do with this knowledge to create a better future?
Openness, Authenticity, and Honesty- Development occurs when everyone shares their genuine thoughts and feelings and can be themselves as they are. We are honest with ourselves and others and bring up topics that truly resonate.
Noticing, Listening, and Adapting- I genuinely listen to others' thoughts and actions. I see the needs of others and myself and adapt as necessary.
in-house trainings
Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.
A. Einstein

In designing and conducting need-based, interactive, and practical internal training for teams and organizations, we can focus on the following topics:

Coaching Leadership:
How can we lead people to results through people-centered leadership? Practical skills, techniques, methods, and activities to ensure teams are satisfied, balanced, and effective!
Effective Collaboration:
How can we enhance people's capability to collaborate? What are the foundations of sound and efficient cooperation, and what are the main obstacles? How can we improve teamwork with clients or partners? How can we create and ensure sustainable and lasting collaborative relationships?
Goal Setting and Achievement:
How can we ensure that goals do not remain mere daydreams? What are the main challenges in setting goals? How do you "eat an elephant," i.e., how do you set achievable goals?
Emotional Management:
Where do our bursts of feelings and emotional reactions originate? What lies behind them? How to improve the ability to manage emotions in individuals and within a team?
Self-awareness and Conscious Leadership
What influences our work-related well-being and effectiveness? How do our personalities, values, needs, roles, and goals affect our behavior and ability to cope with work challenges?
Time Management and Efficiency Boosting:
How do you prioritize and plan your activities and time, manage yourself amidst numerous focuses, and achieve set goals? Where does time go, and what can be done differently?
Masterclass in Leading Conversations:
How should discussions be structured, with a focus on goal, development, and cooperation? What methodologies and techniques should be used to ensure that conversations are motivating and beneficial for both parties and the organization?
Forward-moving Feedback:
How can feedback increase employees' work capacity and effectiveness? What techniques should be applied to ensure motivation doesn't drop and commitment remains? Why, when, how, in what manner, and to whom?
Effective Communication:
How can the team's communication, relationships, and information flow processes be improved and enhanced? Where do misunderstandings and conflicts originate? What are the components of everyday communication, blind spots, and the impact of "clear and thick language"?

We design training that truly speaks to and supports your goals!

Effective meetings workshop

If you change nothing, nothing changes.

The workshop aims to analyze meeting processes and activities collaboratively with the team and implement changes to ensure meetings are genuinely effective, practical, inclusive, and productive.

Main areas of analysis in the workshop:
  • How do our meeting’s function? What is working well, and where are the development opportunities?
  • Where does our time go? What do we want to do to be productive and satisfied?
  • How do we plan our meetings, their topics, and the time allocated for meetings?
  • Mapping out which meetings are necessary and which we conduct just for the sake of it.
Learning objectives of the workshop:
  • Prioritizing meetings – why, how, what, and with whom?
  • Planning meetings, preparation, and scheduling
  • Setting the content and expected goals of meetings
  • The art of conducting meetings – how and who leads the meetings?
  • Techniques and tools for conducting effective meetings
  • We have created clarity on why team meetings are not functioning and identified the root causes
  • We have developed a roadmap for meeting preparations and conduct
  • We have learned methodologies for more effectively facilitating meetings
Time and conditions:
  • 1-day training – 8 astronomical hours, including breaks or
  • Two 1-day trainings with a month’s interval to learn from experience and solidify new knowledge
  • Preliminary mapping with the client, followed by a detailed quote
  • Face-to-face training

Order a masterclass for yourself and take the efficiency of your meetings to the next level!

“Boosting your creativity”

Don´t think out of the box, think what you can do with a box!

Every person harbors an inexhaustible resource, but often, due to the fast pace of work, daily routine activities, and clinging to habits, these resources are kept from being unleashed.

The training aims to offer bold and creative ideas, tools, and methodologies to boost your creativity, find inspiration, develop new skills, and implement them in everyday work.

In this inspiring masterclass, it is possible to:
  • Activate your hidden abilities
  • Learn new techniques and tools for more effective management of your daily work
  • Engage your team and find fresh ideas and thoughts
  • Plan activities more effectively
  • Manage changes or set and achieve goals
For whom:
  • Anyone who wants to apply new, creative, and inspiring techniques and methodologies to be more successful finds new vitality in their daily work and achieves greater satisfaction.
  • Teams that desire diversity and collectively seek inspiration!
  • What tools can be used to ignite creativity? (cards, visualization, different materials)
  • What are good “breaking the ice” techniques in meetings, encounters, or brainstorming sessions?
  • How do we spark creativity in other individual conversations?
  • What are the “engines” for starting team meetings?
  • How does creativity support the enhancement and planning of activities?
  • Inspiration vs. motivation – How do you share inspiration and increase motivation?
  • Best real-life examples to stimulate and initiate new ideas
  • Guaranteed charge of inspiration and motivation!
  • Practical methods and techniques for daily work with others
  • Learning from experience and solidifying methodologies
  • A break from the daily work routine
  • New ideas and thoughts on how to develop and do your work differently
Time and conditions:
  • 6 astronomical hours
  • At least 9 participants, a maximum of 24 people
  • Preliminary mapping with the client followed by a quote
  • Face-to-face training

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