How Upwise by Jaanika Rannula
was born?

In 2015, I received a promotion and became the Training Manager for the Baltic countries and Finland at a company operating in over 100 countries worldwide. Suddenly, I was part of a team of people from 9 nationalities and countries. Consequently, the HR manager gifted me my coach-supervisor to support my integration into the new role.

The way the coach created a space and environment for me to focus on myself, my capabilities, and my blind spots, to work with my doubts and fears, and the challenges that came with a stressful and demanding pace and a challenging boss was hugely inspiring.

I understood that besides training, people need empowerment and a partner to help discover all the resources already hidden beneath the surface. I wanted to possess such knowledge and skills and become a COACH-SUPERVISOR, as this experience was life-changing for me!

In 2017, I pivoted from this company and started to study at the International Supervision and Coaching Institute for coach-supervisor training.

On August 8, 2018, I founded my company, UpWise Coaching. Since then, I have enjoyed working in a field that allows me to work with people from various sectors on different topics and methodologies.

“UpWise” comes from one of my beliefs that one should make the best of every day. All it takes is to get out of bed, experience life boldly and consciously, and make the most of it!

Today, I work as a development partner whose comprehensive toolbox enables the creation of unique and diverse development programs that help improve management quality, increase team satisfaction, and enhance organizational performance.

Therefore, I also wish you to “Stand Up, enjoy the day & WISEr.”

UpWise by Jaanika Rannula

UpWise by Jaanika Rannula
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How & Why ?

I created my success formula: awareness+effectiveness+balance=fulfilling life

What do we create together and why?

By increasing awareness of who you are and your team: what are the basic needs of you and your team; which values and beliefs influence behavior and actions; how the natural strengths, roles, and functions of individuals support or hinder work performance and cooperation, the more skillfully we implement necessary changes.
We can set more precise, motivating, and achievable goals with increased awareness and create activities and processes that help boost effectiveness. Thanks to more efficient action, higher awareness, and motivation, commitment grows, and the desire to collaborate for effectiveness increases.
Greater awareness and effectiveness contribute to creating balance, which helps better manage workload and prevent burnout, thereby increasing work capacity, better managing emotions, avoiding and reducing misunderstandings and conflicts both within oneself and around others, supporting mental and physical health, and creating a supportive work environment based on shared values
Fulfilling life
Thanks to the previous three steps, you feel greater satisfaction and joy in your work because the effectiveness of you, your team, and your organization has increased. You have balanced work and personal life and built better relationships, allowing you to create and live a fulfilling life!