Coaching is a good way to get feedback on thoughts, to give sense to personal and team activities, to find solutions to questions, to increase ability, to set new goals, and to make changes in your life in a way that suits you. 

The time and frequency of each coaching process will be agreed upon according to your needs.
The first meeting with the client is always FREE.

As a Coach, I support and advise people in different positions, teams, and organizations. I am the so-called “tool of change” that helps:

  • to find motivational goals for yourself, team or organization
  • to discover strengths, weaknesses, obstacles, and opportunities on your path
  • to become more aware of your capabilities, problems, and motivators
  • to create and strengthen processes, action plans or unified communications
  • to increase the team’s integrity
  • to value yourself and your team
  • to make changes within yourself, in the team or organization


Individual coaching supports people’s professional and personal development. During the meetings, the coach uses a variety of techniques and methods to support a person’s awareness of his or her own skills and knowledge, to find clear goals and an action plan to achieve them.

Recommended number of meetings 6-12 times in a half year.


In this process it is a partnership between coach and leader. The aim of the partnership is to bring about sustained behavioral change and transform the quality of the leader’s working and personal life. Coach support the leaders to analyse themselves how to work as a leaders of the company, projects or teams, to find solutions for working situations, to create goals and strategies and plans how to impement changes in organizations.

Recommended number of meetings 6-12 times in a half year.


The aim is to bring out the maximum potential, ideas, qualities, and strengths of all members of the team, create a good coherence and motivate the team to achieve all goals together. In the course of coaching, the team can start a quick joint development; the commitment increases for the achievement of the goals of the person and the team. I use a variety of techniques and tools and create a cozy environment for common discoveries, the creation, andimplementation of action steps.

When should you come to team coaching?

  • To get inspiration
  • To create a sense of unity
  • To start and implement new projects
  • To create better communication within and between departments
  • To find new development trends and ideas
  • To implement changes
  • To create and implement action plans

COACHING is suitable for you if you answer YES to one or more questions:

  • Do you feel that you are no longer motivated by your work and you are like in a vicious circle?
  • Is there a conflict at work that is difficult for you to solve?
  • Do you have new tasks and you want to find answers?
  • Do you feel insecure in your new position?
  • Do you have a new team with whom you want to create good communication? To explain your goals and to draw up a joint action plan?
  • Are you unsure of your strengths and want to increase your awareness?
  • Your team does not have good communication, and nobody knows their responsibility and role in achieving the goals?
  • Do you want to strengthen your company’s competitive advantage in the eyes of new employees?
  • The goals and strategy are on paper only, and you also want to apply them?

Coaching is a long-term process where the best results will be achieved by meeting the coach 6-12 times.

 I can support with coaching sessions your and your team development, setting and achieving goals and to creat effective communication and action plans.

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Jaanika Rannula
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