About trainings courses

As a trainer, I offer you energy chock full of positivity, pleasant humor and new knowledge, which are filled with examples from life itself, and I generously share loads of various tricks and tools.

I promise that you will leave with a good mood, increased motivation, and dedication. A fresh mind and knowledge restart is guaranteed.


The tailor-made training courses are based on the analysis of the company and the needs of the manager. I use different methods, role plays, video recording, and exercises. Teams will have good tools for future successful operation and achievement of goals.  All training is unique, and motivation is guaranteed.

– Planning and implementation of goals and activities
– Project management, stages and planning
– Efficient time planning and practical time management
– Team awareness, roles, and responsibilities
– Feedback and feedforward
– The joy of being a leader and motivating / coaching leadership

Duration: 3 hours, 1 day or 2 days

I can conduct internal team training for 4-30 people.


Some examples of topics:

  • Training on vision, goals and action plan for a start-up company
  • Training from a specialist to the manager
  • Time management and planning
  • Coaching management
  • Successful sales communication
  • The art of being a leader
  • Feedback methods
  • Team management and development

Open training sessions and seminars can be organized and conducted in Estonia and the Baltics in Estonian, Russian and English.


  • All people have limitless potential
  • A positive atmosphere is a basis for the success of the training
  • A personal approach to the needs of each company and a specially designed training program
  • Flexibility towards situations emerging during training
  • Security and confidentiality at every training and for every trainee
  • Knowledge, tools, and skills that can be applied in real life
  • Follow-up support after every training
  • Trainers’ self-development is an essential part of the quality of training

As the trainer, I can provide added value to your seminars, events or special occasions.

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