Feedback from clients and partners

“The feedback is the Champions’ Breakfast” 
Ken Blanchard 

For me, feedback is a gift that supports the developmentand motivates to be better,
more efficient and more beneficial for our clients.

Terje Jürivete
Inclusive Education Specialist
Pärnu City Covernment

Supervision and Special development program for study coordinators 

Our cooperation with Jaanika started in 2019. Since then, Jaanika has listened to a number of employees of kinder gardens and schools in the city of Pärnu and helped them to interpret their daily work during supervision sessions.
This academic year, Jaanika led the co-operation and development program of the study coordinators of students with special educational needs in Pärnu, where we discussed the needs, parts of the work process, expectations and co-operation opportunities of a very important specialist for schools.
Jaanika was the driving force for us in this process – the engine of the group. She can be a gentle guide, if necessary a specific settler. I was looking forward to our meetings just because of his happy face and fun. Anyway, it was a very empowering feeling every time after the meetings!

Thank you Jaanika for your good thoughts, efficiency and excellent cooperation skills!

Kliendi tagasiside

Renata Smirnov
Technical Support manager
Elisa Eesti AS

Personal leadership coahing 

I am grateful to Jaanika for a smooth, positive, definitely encouraging and reliable cooperation! Every meeting with her was like a breath of fresh air for me 🙂 The sessions were inspiring and creative, which supported my personal as well as professional growth, coping with changes and challenges.
Thanks to Jaanika’s professionalism, who as a coach did not give answers in advance, but constantly directed me, I realized again that I am able to find suitable solutions and answers myself during the process.
I remember two of our coaching sessions, which helped me to understand that it is important for me to reach concrete action plans in the process, which will help to achieve the set goals and always be an example for others! I use it every day now!

Anneli Loorits, Country Manager Baltics & Finland
AVON Nordics

Feedback from training
The first word that associates with Jaanika as a trainer is “energy.” Jaanika is literally like a small energy generator whose eyes are shining all the time, and who engages the listeners with her  positivity in the first minutes. Her trainingis exciting, interactive and varied. My personal experience is that time flies so quickly that the end always comes as an unpleasant surprise. As a trainer, Jaanika always finds a way to actively involve all the participants and make them think. She adapts both material and presentation to the needs, style, and preferences of the parties. Personally, I have experienced a lot of “aha!” moments in Jaanika’s training that are still with me and that I actively use in my daily work.
I would definitely recommend Jaanika to anyone who is looking for an inspirational trainer for themselves or their team.

Kristi Kuusmik-Orav, Managing Director
Rekfoto OÜ

Feedback on the team coaching
For me, a lot of things were placed in the right connection and sequence. The thoughts in my head were properly lined up in the right order. If before everything had been somehow scattered, then many things have now received a new life. The session exceeded my expectations. In fact, I did not believe that we can discuss all issues so thoroughly and also reach an understanding of what we should do next.
I really liked the fact that when Jaanika saw that we were not great drawers, we could make a list instead. And the nice thing was that she was able to direct me so that I did not deviate very much from the subject. And the fact that we had to come up with solutions ourselves was very good.
The coach had a good attitude. If necessary, strict and keeping the boundaries, yet encouraging and supportive. Pleasant energy supported us during the long session.
I definitely recommend team coaching, especially if the target has disappeared and the goalis confusing. For a person,it’s very difficult to see how and what should be done differently or better. And if you get fed up on working just on enthusiasm, it’s good to judge if and why something is done.

Roxana Popescu, Head of Sales Baltics & Finland
AVON Nordics

Feedback about training.
Look at the video HERE. 

Karin Mölder, Project Manager
Rekfoto OÜ

Feedback on the team coaching
After the session, there were a lot of emotions and feelings. On the one hand, the relief that now is at least slightly clearer which path to take and on the other hand, a little disappointment and disgust about one’s past inaction. In the end, it’s still good and positive that a small lifebuoy was created. Now you just have to pull yourself together and start swimming. The expectations for the coaching session were high, and they were also met.  It was very nice that the coach was top-notch: she was well prepared, stuck to the subject, and did not let friendship come in between. Topics that were important to me were discussed. I definitely recommend using team coaching, because the goal was fulfilled and at the same time it was fun, and there were a lot of emotions too.

Jaanika Oja, Division Sales Manager
Avon Eesti OÜ

Feedback on team training
Jaanika as a trainer is always highly motivational, positive and full of energy. Training is a very interestingly built up. Even if you have participated several times in the same training, this is interesting every time and is not similar to the previous one. You get a lot of inspiration, ideas, skills and motivation from the training. There are always very interesting role-plays and “icebreakers” in the training. She is able to engage the trainees very well and make the day very exciting.
Why choose Jaanika’s training? Because the inspiration, motivation, and energy that comes from there will accompany you for a long time and, thanks to that, you will be more successful.

Nelet Aitman, Member of the Board
ArvoNel OÜ

Feedback for training
I have participated in several of Jaanika’s training courses, and most of all I like the fact that there is always something totally new and developing when addressing a similar topic. The topics to be handled are very skillfully and interestingly shaped into training courses. As a practitioner, Jaanika has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the nature and importance of her field, and she can address the topic with passion and enthusiasm throughout the training day(s). Training is often carried out in the form of a practical workshop that helps to master the subject very well and creates a confident feeling and the desire to apply it immediately in practice. The skills acquired during the training have helped to set motivational goals and successfully fulfill these goals.
Jaanika is an excellent trainer whose training course has a good pace, and it takes place in a friendly, sometimes humorous, atmosphere.

Lenne Piirimägi, Sales Manager
Willmanni OÜ

Feedback for training
Jaanika’s training suited us very well: they were inspirational and engaging. I appreciated the structure of the training most of all because the training passed quickly and one could not even notice when the day was already over. As a trainer, Jaanika gives inspiration and much energy for achieving one’s goals. Motivation was No. 1 that we received from the training, and “batteries” were charged for a long time. The training is engaging, interesting, yet humanly easily designed, in order for the topic to reach everyone.