Team development

As team developer I raise your awareness of the nature, skills, and knowledge of yourself and your team. I support you and your team in the development journey to become wiser, smarter and more confident in finding suitable solutions and strategies for your success. The best executives and teams are happy, valued and satisfied with their activities in both their personal and professional lives.


A workshop designed to create team unity, common goals, effective communication or smooth cooperation. 3 hours of theory and exercises, followed by 3 hours of applying and practicing the acquired knowledge in a new environment:

  • in the restaurant or on outdoor thematic joint cooking,
  • at the campfire,
  • in an adventure park,
  • in a forest farm,
  • at a photo shoot,
  • while yachting at sea, etc.

Suitable as a training day and as part of a company’s other events.
The themes and the structure of the Masterclass are tailored to each team to fit their needs.

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The team master class is designed for up to 6-30 people. For a larger group ask a personal offer.


The content of the program depends on the company’s specific characteristics, such as structure, size, number of people, and goals. As a result of the analysis, I will prepare a special development plan and process that will support both the development of each team member and the organization, the implementation of the changes and the more effective achievement of the goals.
The duration of the program is 5-12 times depending on the agreement.

As a result of the development program:

  • faster growth is triggered and productivity of the team members increases
  • the ability of cooperation with different departments, teams or other parties increases
  • supports the launch and implementation of projects
  • empowers and inspires the leader and the team to achieve the desired results
  • supports the finding of new development trends and making faster changes
  • raises team awareness of vision, goals and organization culture
  • helps to create processes inside the team, action plans, andeffective communication

I create team development programs as tailor-made solutions for managers, team members, the entire team or the whole organization.

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