Creative Thinking Masterclass

If we keep doing the same things, we will keep getting the same results!

There is an inexhaustible resource hidden in every person, but often they do not open because of our daily routines, habits and workload.

You can open your resources by using Creativity!



In Creative Thinking Masterclass helps you:

  • To open up your secret abilities,
  • To learn new techniques to have new ideas for your daily routines,
  • To involve your team and increase creative thinking,
  • To plan more effectively your activities,
  • To manage changes successfully and achieve the goals.

Does not matter if you are leader, team, teacher, specialist, trainer, coach or therapist. The
Creative Thinking Master Class is intended for all those who want to apply new, creative and
inspiring ideas in their work in order to be more successful, happier and to have more
successful ideas in their work.


Practical and useful everyday work methods and exercise

Practice in group work, individually and in discussions

Digitalized and on paper training materials

Sharing experiences and new solutions

Creative Thinking Masterclass topics:

  • How to activate creative thinking and where it comes
  • What kind of tools we can use for activating Creative Thinking? (cards, visualization,
    different materials?)
  • Which are good tools for “ice breaking”, meetings, appointments, brainstorming?
  • How to activate creative thinking in 1to1 meetings and conversations?
  • What are the team meetings “engines”?
  • How creativity supports effective planning and activities?
  • Inspiration vs motivation- How to share inspiration and increase motivation?
  • Best examples from life

Masterclass timing: 3 hours or 6 hours (astronomical hour)

Masterclass conditions: Minimum participants 9 people.

Public Masterclass: Not planned at the moment.

Internal team Masterclass: Ask personal offer

Result of the training You have:

  • New practical working tools for daily activities
  • New skills how to solve different situations
  • Increased self-awareness and knowledges how to be more effective in planning and
    implementation of new routines
  • Discovered solution focused mindset values and opportunities